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      SamSalo uses the Ghana Education Service developmentally appropriate curriculum with some modifications. This allows our teachers to teach in a way that is conducive to student learning. Children learn best by doing and the Creative Curriculum uses a developmental, hands-on approach to build around weekly or monthly themes. Our concentration is on developing the Whole child through critical thinking skills, observations, analyzing and drawing conclusions. Children will express what they see and observe in their environment using different media such as drawing, painting, writing, music, blocks and dramatic play. Indoor and outdoor activities further enhance specific skills.

     Our approach to developing language skills in our children begins with phonemic awareness, phonics emergent reading, and writing skills with our youngest students. This is supported by the Jolly Phonics program through Primary 1. Children are exposed to authentic fiction and non-fiction literature while gaining reading and writing skills to enhance their progress. Grammar is incorporated into our language development approach.

Environmental Studies

     From teaching Science to Social Studies, our children are exposed to the world around them through real-life experiences using hands-on objects, field trips, and classroom experiments.


     We begin our writing development program by giving our young children fine motor skills beginning with holding writing tools to scribbling. Children are later introduced to letter sounds in order to write simple words and sentences.  Children later learn descriptive sentences using writing prompts until they are able to do journal writing.
Music and Dance

     Beginning Age 4, our children are introduced to our music and dance program. Children who show high interest receive instruction after school.


     From counting to identifying numbers, our children learn to add, subtract multiply and divide and moving on to simple algebra and geometry. Problem-solving skills are developed through a number of stories. Hands-on tools are used to help children understand mathematical concepts.

Physical Education

     Our children participate in physical activity each day during recess. In addition, children have scheduled Physical Education by class weekly. Our children have the opportunity to move around in the classroom during group activities.

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