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Our Story

     SamSalo started as an Early Childhood Development Centre at Odumase Krobo in 1989 by Mrs. Salome Tekpetey, a retired school teacher and principal. After retirement in 1972, Mrs. Tekpetey settled at her hometown in the Eastern Region of Ghana where there were many very poor or orphaned children whose families were unable to send them to school. Touched by their plight, she started to invite a few children to her house for meals. As a teacher and a Christian, she taught them to read and write, shared her faith and fed them. Word went through the neighborhood and more families started to send their children. Mrs. Tekpetey consulted with the local  Presbyterian Church where she was an elder for assistance.
     At that time the church had started a new building project and therefore was unable to provide the financial assistance needed to help the children. However, the Women’s Fellowship supported her for a while as the number of children grew. She named the school The Christian Women’s Day Care. With the HIV epidemic at its highest in that area of Ghana, the need became even greater. She worked with the children until she fell sick at the age of 92. Mrs. Tekpetey did her best for the school although she was faced with several challenges. To keep her dream alive, her daughter Veronica Goka,  a retired principal of New York City Public Schools has decided to take over the challenge to continue this great task. It is her hope to give back to her community and country which has given her so much.
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