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Our History

SamSalo Preparatory School was established in September 2015 by Veronica Goka, as a continuation of the Samsalo Nursery School which was founded in 1989 by her mother Salome DolerTekpetey. Veronica started her journey into education in Ghana after she graduated from Wesley College. She left Ghana after a few years of teaching and taught in Liberia before finally joining the New York City Department of Education. Despite the challenges she faced, Veronica’s faith in God ignited a belief that all things are possible. She pursued advanced degrees which led her into administration and supervision. She supported her mother by supplying school materials and offering guidance. After she retired from the New York City Public Schools as a Principal she realized the need to continue her mother’s work and a great legacy.
The initial need was to pull down the old structure and put up a new building to house children from nursery through Grade 6. This daunting task was the reason for the establishment of the SAVETT Christian Foundation. The plan to raise funds included a GoFundMe account which yielded a fraction of what was needed for the project. 
Veronica decided to work as a consultant to support the construction of the school. Phase 1 of the project was completed in September 2015 in time for the nursery to reopen. The work continued through 2016. Today, there are 10 classrooms with about 200 children through Grade 3. To school plans to continue to Grade 6.
We continue to strive to maintain a nurturing environment, provide 21st-century education which includes technology and highly trained teachers. We believe our goals will be realized through our fundraising activities through the SAVETT Christian Foundation.  
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