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Our Vision

The vision of SamSalo School is to provide Christian education to young children in order to give them a solid foundation to become successful in life.

We strive for the development of the whole child physically, intellectually, socially

and emotionally.


To encourage and support parents in their role as the first and most important teachers in the lives of their children.

To assist parents with becoming learners along with their children. 

To expect that all of our students will be successful


To encourage positive self-concept and develop skills for building positive relationships with others.

To instill the love and enjoyment of literature and proficiency in the language by providing a supportive, relaxing, and rich atmosphere that encourages early literacy and communication skills.

To encourage and provide for the development of motor skills and physical well-being through a wide range of challenging equipment and planned motor activities.

To nurture creativity and imagination through art, dramatic play, puppetry, music, and movement.

To build understanding and appreciation of one's own and other cultures bu sharing literature, customs, and songs from various cultures.

To help each child develop self-control and problem-solving skills through discussion and role modeling.

To Strengthen parent/child and school relationships through a better understanding of child development principles and sharing of information.


We believe that early childhood programs should provide a happy, safe, and supportive environment that reflects a recognition and consideration of development patterns of each child.


We believe that learning is an active process by which children learn best and gain self-confidence when ample learning opportunities exist for direct hand-on experiences and decision-making.


We believe that trained and caring teachers guide this active learning process by sharing information, planning activities, questioning, setting goals and modeling behavior.


We believe in a well-planning that integrates cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs into the child’s world of learning through the senses.

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