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Our Founder

Salome Doler Tekpetey

     In 1989, Salome Doler Tekpetey, a retired principal of the Ghana Education Service started the Christian Women’s Orphanage in Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. She was the first of five children. In her early years, girls did not receive a formal education. Her father, however, decided to send his four girls to school upon the advice of the European traders in the then Gold Coast. As a bright student, Salome soon emerged as one of the best students who continued on to higher education.


     She graduated from The Aburi Teacher Training College in 1937 and began her long career as a teacher and principal. Her husband Samuel was also an educator for many years. It was no surprise that six of their seven children followed their footsteps in education.

     Salome operated the orphanage with her own funds and was later supported by the local church through the Women’s Fellowship. Many parents started sending their children for this free care. In time several children who were sent were orphans who lost their parents during the aids epidemic in that region in Ghana.

     However, the small orphanage grew into a nursery school with several children. She called it “The Good News Club” with young children in the neighborhood. The children were taught songs, poems, and basic phonemic awareness and numbers. When the work became overbearing, she sought support from the local Presbyterian Church and the members of the Women’s fellowship started to assist. Still, there was no financial support but she continued the work with her meager pension. Her faith in God and the desire to help the less fortunate inspired the work.
The school continued until her passing in 2009 at the age of 93. Picking up from where she left off was inevitable.


     The great work started is now a family legacy with no desire of turning back hence our mantra:


Continuing the legacy of education and empowerment in Ghana


It is our hope that the work will continue for many generations to come!  

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